Temporary disabling DV-in on camcorders Sony D8 for capturing ANALOG video to PYRO DV 1394

( for types of SONY D8: 7000e,TRV110e, TRV210e, TRV310e, TRV510e ... )

Press ANALOG button on ANIN.EXE and wait to temporary disabling DV-in on Sony D8 camcorders.

You can try it for camcorder SONY D8 NTSC too, because addresses are same.

Now I finish program Dvin for enabling Dvin on Sony camcorders . With program DVin can be set next features:

- ZEBRA, WhiteBalance (Auto, Hold, Outdoor, Indoor), Frame rcording, Interval recording, ColorBars, HERE

When is Sony D8 camcorder with DV-in set in VTR mode and DV-in was temporary disabled, then is possible transfer ANALOG video (f.eg. from VHS VCR ) through Sony D8 and firewire to PYRO card in MSP6.0 or VS4. Note - use cable 3CINCH - SCART with SCART in OUT mode (SCART with switch IN/OUT).

Reset camcorder back to Dvin mode: press Reset button or unplug power source and battery for cca 5 seconds.

Program required: min. iP133MHz, LPT1, base 0x378h.

For continuous reading must be used asm instructions {cli}, {sti}. When your PC is halted after you press Analog or Reset, don't hesitate contact me, I send you solution.

Version 1.60: anin.zip

Using of program is on your own risc !

Here are wireplanes of adapter. Some dvin programs using same adapter LANC-LPT and you can using cable from this sw too.


 Since 21.02.2000