ALL is on Your own risk. ALL is on Your own risk. ALL is on Your own risk. ALL is on Your own risk

!!! Always must be using BRAIN !!! H4 H3 H2 H1 L4 L3 L2 L1 is b7 b6 b5 b4 b3 b2 b1 b0.

Note: first must be enabled writing to memory: Page: 0 Address: 1 Data: set from 0 to 1. Store -it not have to be.

NEW: Emergency button on DVin_lite v1.7 and new changes in CHECKSUMs . See below.

Here is some useful codes for better work with new Sony D8 camcorders, TRV120E (TRV125E ... TR8000 ...). All using codes is on your own risk. .

All changes make on PAGE D:

Show Clone(Apperture)/Gain


set H4 to 1

- in manual Exposure is displayed Clone(Apperture) and Gain

ZEBRA effect


set H2 to 1

- useful for manual Exposure. Zebra stripe warning, where is much light.

- menu LCD SET



set L2 to 1

- works after restart. New menu MANUAL SET - WHT BAL

- AUTO, HOLD, OUTDOOR, INDOOR. HOLD memorizes last value from AUTO (you must waiting some time, when analyzing of white ending ).

INTERVAL Recording


set H1 to 1

- in menu CAMERA SET ( press Start/Stop = 12-13 recorded frames in PAL )

FRAME Recording


set L4 to 1

- in menu CAMERA SET , options INTERVAL , REC TIME



set L1 to 1

- is possible record to tape calibration color bars . in menu OTHERS

set H4 to 1

Player / VTR mode ( recording enabling )


set L2 to 1

- enabling recording , switch camcorder to VTR mode in "PLAYER"

DV-in / firewire input / enable - camcorder must be ser in VTR mode ( address 14 L2 to 1 ) - it is usefull to convert Analog to DV in time. Don't forget - use true cable SCART-CINCH and no SCART<-CINCH boundled with camcorder !)>


set L1 to 1

When L1 = 0, only Analog inputs work ( it is useful too )

ESP/ELP mode enable - Extra long playtime for cassetes - on some camcorder has no effect.


set L3 to 1

- enabling ESP/ELP mode

A/V DVout mode enable - A/D converter in Player mode. It is INDEPENDENT on status of VTR or DV-in.


set H3 to 1

- enabling A/V DVout in Player mode - NEW

MIC level - enable manual control of audio signal level for microphones - on some camcorder has no effect.


set L3 to 1

- enabling MIC audio level

GAIN SHIFT - enable new menu in CAMERA mode for switching of Gain to 0dB or -3dB.


set L2 to 1

- enabling Gain Shift menu

Memory of camcorder has checksum. Checksum is checked always, when was unpluged power sources. When is found bad checksum, camcorder is blocked ( not damaged, is possible repair it ):

- must be set old data. But camcorder turn off after cca 5-10s and LANC not works. Next sentence aren't validate yet: "You must continualy OPEN/CLOSE door of cassete and in this time works with memory".

I have new function on my DVin_lite ! It is "Emergency" button. When is your camcorder blocked, you can easy switch camcorder to emergency mode and then you can easy repaired data.. How ? You connect the blocked camcorder (AC/DC and main batery are removed, camcorder is turn off ) to PC and run DVin_lite v. 1.7. When you get message: "Check cable ...", press "YES". Insert power source (main batery or AC/DC) and then press "Emergency" button and wait cca 20s to next message and your camcorder is working

New metod for checksums:
1) enable changes in memory: 00:01:00 to 00:01:01 (Store)
2) change data on page D, how You need (all with STORE).
3) read new value:
"xx" from 02:F0
"yy" from 02:F1
4) enable update and visibility of checksums on (0F:FE and 0F:FF):
00:FF:00 -> 00:FF:02 (STORE)
00:01:01 -> 00:01:80 (STORE)
5) update new checksums:
write to address:
0F:FF data "xx" ( from 02:F0 ) (STORE)
0F:FE data "yy" ( from 02:F1 ) (STORE)
6) disable changes:
00:FF:02 -> 00:FF:00 (STORE)
00:01:80 -> 00:01:00 (STORE)


NEW: Easy way to convert Analogue signal to Digital with options A/V-DVout in Player mode.

Download of lite program for change memory: DVin_Lite . Adapter is same as for ANIN.EXE.



DVinD8SE.ZIP - program for temporary VTR/DVin mode for TRV8000, TRV120E, TRV320E ...

- For memory dump you can use rm95 freeware in DOS prompt or DOS: RM95DUMP.EXE memory.txt .

Very thanks all men, which had courage to test codes, which I found from dump of their camcorder.