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The Higher Professional School And The Secondary Technical School Volyně



Volyně is a small town in the south-west of the Czech Republic about 10km away from Strakonice, near the border with Germany. It is situated in the foothills of the Šumava Range and because of its location, Volyně is called "The Gateway to the Šumava".


Historical overview:

Secondary education at Volyně dates from 1864 with the establishment of "One-class technical school at Volyně". Its primary purpose was to train joiners, carpenters and bricklayers. In 1933 a Secondary Technical School was opened with a workshop for cabinet-makers together with classrooms which still serve their purpose and which were the most modern in Czechoslovakia for the time. In 1996 the Higher Professional School as a form of postsecondary education was opened. Now it is one of the biggest and well-known secondary technical schools in the Czech Republic.


The school is equipped with four computer school-rooms, laboratories, drafting room, other specialty school-rooms and workshop with the state-of-the-art machinery for teaching wood-processing branches. Except permanent teachers external specialists are employed at school to teach their specialities.


There is a boarding house available for students who live too far to commute to school every day. A school canteen is situated next to the school and serves three meals a day.

The students have access to the library every school-day where all materials as well as a connection to the Internet are at their disposal free of charge.

After school activities are prepared for the students to go in their free time (e.g. wood-carving). They can also go weigh training in a school gym or do lot of indoor and outdoor sport in a sports hall and playing field.


The Secondary Technical School

It provides complete intermediate vocational education in technical field as a preparation for future job or for continuing study at higher professional schools, colleges or universities. It takes four years and concludes with the final leaving examination - "the maturita".

There are five specializations:

Wood Processing Branches:

    Wood Processing

    Furniture Making

•  Wood and Furniture Manufacturing

Building Branches:

    Civil Engineering
    Engineering Equipment of Buildings

It is a state school, no school fee is required. During the school year 2005/2006 there were 680 students studying here.

The curricula needs the requirements of the educational standards. About 40% of teaching is devoted to general education and 60% to vocational (technical) education. Practical training aims at the acquisition of manual skills. A prerequisite for acceptance is the successful completion of basic school and successful meeting of the entrance exam in maths.


The Higher Professional School

It is a postsecondary focused programme as an alternative to colleges and universities. The overall aim of the course is to equip students with the theoretical and practical techniques which will enable them to function as professionals within the wood and furniture manufacturing industry.

There two specializations:

    Furniture Design and Manufacture
    Wood Constructions

This programme lasts three years and consists of lectures and seminars. During the winter term of the third grade the students are required to undertake a mandatory vocational training course in firms. The studies are ended with the final examination - "the absolutorium" where the students are supposed to pass an examination in vocational subjects and foreign language, either English or German, and to defend their diploma work.
The applicants must be secondary school graduates and they are required to take an entrance interview. The students pay a fee for tuition, 3,000 CZK a year.

The Higher Professional School graduates are able to work as qualified workers in the areas of designing, furniture design and manufacture, wooden construction parts as well as whole wood constructions.

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